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August 2008
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Toronto Prefers Efficiency

While heading off to an ultimate frisbee game last night I had the radio on for traffic updates trying to pick my best route to the field. There was a report stating that Torontonians typically preferred to drive fuel efficient cars over SUVs or other light trucks. What the report also stated was that although drivers would prefer to use public transit that it just wasn’t always possible, so they opted for the smaller cars.

Why Drive?
Here’s a perfect example. A friend of mine needs to be downtown on a Sunday morning. Her destination is right at a subway stop but she actually cannot take the train. With needing to be somewhere prior to the subway opening it is completely inefficient for her to take transit so she has opted for her car (a small, fuel efficient Toyota Yaris). And I’m sure her story is one of only many.

The Sales Trend
Despite rising fuel prices this summer there was still at 10.2% increase in auto sales in Canada, as reported by 680 News. It also noted that light truck sales were down 1.4%. CTV also reported that small, fuel efficient cars now represent about 50% of the Canadian market up from 40-45% a year ago. Overall the trend shows that Canadians are being more fuel efficient

Future Cars
Electric. Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Water. Already there are hybrids but hopefully in the future there will be others. There are several avenues that producers are pursuing, with many of them committing to a carbon reduction by 2015.


Comment from Adron
Time August 22, 2008 at 5:31 am

The irony is that cars, if used to travel the distance people do travel on transit, were used they’d be more efficient and cleaner – pending of course everyone drove ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles like Prius, Echos, Sentras, and other such cars)

The problem is, people that drive cars often drive 2-10x as far to do their daily tasks as people that live a transit oriented lifestyle, which absolutely makes up for the slightly less efficient transit vehicles.