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September 2008
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Archive for September, 2008

How do you know the streets are getting more dangerous?

The advent of the blackberry was wonderful (perhaps not to everyone); you could be more efficient with your time and get more done while on the move. Whether you needed to quickly respond to an email, find a restaurant, or get directions, you can now do all this with a hand-held device where ever you […]

Technology, Society and The Environment: Week 4

Think origins. How did you learn to talk? Did you learn multiple languages because of your surrounding environments? And your belief system, how did that develop? and your views on the economy? (I question this on the day the US Congress did not pass Bush’s $700 billion bailout?) Vanderburg today regressed and went from modern […]

TAC: Day 2 – And Metrolinx Unveils their Master Plan

September 23rd was a ‘big’ day in the Toronto area with both the TAC conference taking place and Metrolinx unveiling their master plan for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. I had the opportunity to attend the session on Regional Transportation Plans: Lessons In Sustainability. The first presentation of the session is what drew the […]

Technology, Society and The Environment: Week 3 vs TAC: Day 1

It was a pretty busy week between class and the Transportation Association of Canada Conference but it was a great learning experience. This week our focus was the technology-based connectiveness … Did we influence technology or did technology influence us? Vanderburg cited that it was cyclical and he used the example of the  the textile […]

TAC: The Transportation Association of Canada Annual Conference, September 21st – 24th

This week transportation engineers from all over will descend on Toronto, Ontario. The annual conference, which started today, will be held at the Westin Harbour Castle here in Toronto. Over the next few days I’ll be at seminars, tours, and in the exhibition. With this year’s theme Transportation: A Key to a Sustainable Future I […]

Whistler's Going Green

For those of you who know me, know I am absolutely passionate about downhill skiing. As a family past-time of mine we started out as ski racers at local Ontario hill Mansfield, where I also started my ski coaching and instructing career. Now my boyfriend and I head up to Collingwood every weekend to coach […]

Ecopurna: Where Future Forward Meets Fashion Forward

It’s not just about the cars we drive or where we live, it is also about the clothes we wear. Most of our clothes are made at inefficient, polutant hogging plants. But now we have a choice, Ecopurna. Designer Steve Sal Debus and manufacturer Mark Trotzuk founded their company on  natural principles, be environmentally friendly, […]

Technology, Society and The Environment: Week #2

The buzz on campus is still very fresh, students are still excited to be there, still going to class and no one is panicing, yet … mid-terms are not for another couple of weeks. Dr. Vanderburg promptly arrived in class this week and got right into the thick of things. Our class size was about […]

How To Get Money Back From Your New Car Purchase

Want to save money on your next vehicle purchase? Not only are there incentives from the car companies but now there are incentives from the Canadian Government. You can save up to $2000 on your next new vehicle purchase. Introduced in 2006 the ecoAuto program is an incentive to get Canadian’s to drive more fuel-efficient […]

Sustainability and Campuses

As a follow up to last week’s Green Building Festival Here in Toronto I thought I would talk about Green Initiatives and Sustainability on Campus. With three universities attending, U of T, York and Ryerson, I mentioned (here) that they all spoke to their campus ‘greening.’ By the time the roundtable discussions were over I […]