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September 2008
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Back to School

It’s that time of the year again, it’s time to go back to school. That generally means more cars on the road, which means a longer traffic jam on the way to work and the grocery store seems to get busier too.
Thinking about this time when we go back to school I thought about what parents can do to be more green-friendly this fall and promote a healthy lifestyle for their children.

  • Do not drive your children to school. This one can be tough, but most public schools are situated such that it should be a short walk or bike ride. Your kids will get a lot more out of riding their bike with you in the morning, than sitting in the back of the car.
  • Pack lunches together. This allows kids to have choices in their lunch, different sandwiches, fruits, and veges. And it’s always good to give them a ‘treat.’ I have some great, quick  cookie recipes that gives you kids and parents a chance to work together again (email me if you would like some)
  • Play outside after school. With decrease physical education times go outside with your kids afterwards. You can bike, throw a baseball or frisbee, play on the swings … there are endless options. If your kids brains have a chance to rest they may will be more productive when doing their homework
  • Encourage them to join an extra-cirricular activity. There are countless. From cross-country running, to basketball, to drama club, to choir, to student council … your child’s options are endless
  • Join an intramural sport. In many cities now there are countless sports that you can join, either as an individual or a team. My boyfriend and I play ultimate frisbee together and there are people on our team that bring their kids to the game. Show your kids that being active is important to you to.

After taking a one year hiatus, I have decided to go back to school, but only part-time. I’m looking forward to being on campus again, to going to ultimate frisbee this fall, and watching the leaves change colour.