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September 2008
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Technology, Society and The Environment: Week 4

Think origins. How did you learn to talk? Did you learn multiple languages because of your surrounding environments? And your belief system, how did that develop? and your views on the economy? (I question this on the day the US Congress did not pass Bush’s $700 billion bailout?)

Vanderburg today regressed and went from modern society and talked about life pre-industrial revolution. We learned everything, language, beliefs, politics, economics, culture from our ancestors; what he calls the culture-based connectiveness.

We went all the way back and thought of society in terms of babies. We were asked to think about how they learn. And as most people know, babies are like little sponges. They absorb everything in their surroundings. He described learning through the five senses (sight, smell, sound, taste and touch) and gave us many examples using sight (and as he said how ironic considering Vanderburg is blind). He did say that we learn by focusing. When we are born we can only see blurry images but we see these blurrs that bring us food, give us hugs, keep us clean, etc and we want to focus on seeing them. Therefore we learn to focus our vision to see that individual and as we progress we learn to see different emotions and by focusing, again, we learn to understand them.

As we grow up we learn to focus and to understand, however, as we are learning we are always relating everything new to everything we already understand. Because this is an engineering course he did relate it to a line of best fit or trend line. This relation of everything to everything else is what he calls the metaconscienceness; we have memories that we have access to and they help us to interpret what we are seeing by we cannot draw directly on these memories.

We did not really get into how this relates to technology-based connectiveness, that’s for next week. I can only imagine how are brain-mind map (or the culture-based connectivess) works in conjunction with the technology-based connectivess.