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October 2008
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The Great Debate

Last night was the first and only debate between Govenor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden. Palin in her folky, ‘main street’ fashion addressed America with perfect rehersal. She started out so nervous, eased up a bit upon speaking about education, and then tensed up again when giving her closing remarks. Her night had been completely scripted for her and she managed to either answer the question or change the question to fit her script.

Joe Biden was the clear winner. Palin, did not fold, crumble, or collapse but did not hold the same sentiments Biden has for his country. Biden has been working in public office for more than 35 years. He has been a force to recken with, made the lives of American’s better, and is helping (already) to pave the way to a better future for the majority, middle-class Americans.* And Biden is a regular, single parent to. Palin tried to trump Biden with her hockey/soccer mom, regular American personality; did she not realize that Biden had to raise two boys on his own after the tragic loss of his wife and daughter? Biden made Palin look inferior and selfish, because yes men too can be single parents, maternal, raise a family and be regular Americans.

But what does this have to do with Sustainable Development? The Future Energy Crisis?

Biden not only cites that it is important for American to start using clean fuels but that American needs to export this knowledge to other countries. Specifically he spoke of China who is developing a new, dirty coal plant every three days. The effect of China’s dirty energy does not just affect China but the rest of the world. Biden spoke of the polutants being swept along the west-coast of America (so yes, Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America are also likely affected).

Biden spoke about using nuclear, wind, investing money to find better solutions,   and learning from other global experiences. And again he related it to the middle-class, majority of America; he wants it to be ‘green’ and affordable for all.

But what does Palin think our energy futures are? “Drill baby Drill,” I believe were her words last night. And of course they would be, she is from Alaska, and Alaskan’s need the petroleum industry to thrive if they are to thrive. She spoke of leaving a ‘small footprint.’ Currently the clean natural gas drilling that Palin spoke of in Alaska needs massive pipe-lines to get from Alaska down to the majority of the country. These pipelines are leaving no small footprint. Perhaps it is that her feet are small and when she visits these sites she physically leaves a small footprint, although I do not know what size her feet are.

In the end the Democrats had a clear advantage in tackling the current and future energy crisis. The Biden-Obama team is forward thinking, looking out for the future of America, and the future of the globe. As the largest producer of carbon-emissions what America does in the future will have an effect on all global citizens.

*As a side note, a middle-class American to Biden is anyone who makes less than $250,000 per year (about 95%) of American’s and to Palin a middle-class American makes about $42,000 – who do you think has a better picture of who the country is really made up?


Comment from Sasha
Time October 17, 2008 at 3:13 pm

This was sent to me as some comic relief to my day, but does represent Ms. Palin’s thought process!!