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October 2008
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6 Days until we vote

Next Tuesday marks an important day for Canadians, it’s time once again to vote in a Federal Election. Unlike the US, our government has the power to dissolve government if they feel it is the best interest of the country. Stephen Harper thought it would be best to have a majority government and is asking Canadians to go to the polls once again this October 14th.

Conservative. Liberal. NDP. Green. Who will you be voting for?

I sometimes wonder if we are voting for the party we believe in or the party we think is the least evil, it’s never an easy decision.

Recently my father had his conservative candidate, John Carmichael, come to his door step. My dad is a very busy surgeon and usually does not give people who come to the door the time of day. However, my dad agreed to listen to his campaign strategy if in return the Carmichael answered some questions for my dad.

My dad actually only had one question …

Would the Conservative Party if elected would the Federal Government help bail out the failing Infrastructure of Canada?

The response from the Carmichael was interesting, he went from campaigning to personal. Carmichael a long-time resident of Toronto would like to see Toronto revitalized. The two discussed how the US Government stepped in and helped New York City and now the city is thriving.

There has been no discussion amongst the Canada of the crumbling infrastructure of major Canadian cities, namely Montreal and Toronto. (Vancouver is seeing improvements with Olympic investments). These two cities, economical, social, political, and cultural focal points of this country need help. It is time for the federal government to step in and help, after all it will only help our economy; job creation, minimize congestion and environmental effects. Infrastructure discussions would certainly influence my vote.

Perhaps over-shadowed by our American counterparts the Canadian Election is important for our future, my future, our children’s futures. On October 14th exercise your right to vote