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October 2008
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Don't Give up on Your Bike Yet

The arctic air currents have shifted once again, they have moved down  and are blowing across Canada.  With these  currents  they bring a cold, crisp bite to the air and the smell of winter.  But it is not time to give up on your bike yet!

Plan to ride until the streets are snow covered.

This morning was my first early morning ride to work in the colder weather. Lately I’ve been using the TTC more but today was a great opportunity to get back on my bike. But what a difference. Here is my list of essentials for staying warm while riding:

  • Gloves – biking or ordinary just make sure they block the wind. Some of my friends in the ski industry use construction gloves; they block the wind and are very cost effective
  • A thin hat – I am pro-helmet but keeping your ears warm makes riding so much more enjoyable. Look for a hat that fits comfortably under your helmet (MEC usually has a great selection). Or you can try the Swix Earmuffs; they are thin, comfortable and very affordable (I have a pair and use them for all sorts of activities)
  • A good wind breaker to keep your chest (and more importantly your lungs) warm
  • A pair of leggings that fit either under your pants or your cycling shorts depending on your preference.
  • Sunglasses – protecting your eyes from swirling debris is important. For those early morning rides in the dark find a pair that illuminate the things around you (typically yellow lenses).

I hope to be able to continue to ride to work until the roads are snow covered. So continue to ride to work, to ride to public transit and to ride to run short errands. Cycling keeps you fit and lets you see all the wonderful things around you.