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October 2008
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Urban Farming

Harvesting season is over here in Southern Ontario, another year of delicious fruits and vegetables has passed. This year I decided to try and grow a few vegetables in my garden, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, peppers and zucchini. At the end of the summer I ended up with mostly zucchini, they had taken over my garden (The picture above is the first zucchini we picked).

It was my first vegetable garden and it was a learning experience. Next year I’m going to branch out and double my garden size and definitely plant the zucchini in a separate area!

What can you expect with your first garden?

Urban farming is great. Eating your rewards make them almost more delicious than farmer’s market vegetables. Watching everything grow from tiny plants to feeding you on a regular basis really puts you in-tune with your surroundings. Plus when you farm your own vegetables you are carbon positive, giving back to the environment.

Having a garden definitely takes some dedication. Luckily this summer we had a wet summer, but in a regular summer expect to be watering your garden early in the morning and again late at night. It will need food; as opposed to using store bought fertilizer use your compost organics or coffee grinds (coffee grinds help to expedite the growing process).

SPIN Gardens

Want to make money with all your hard work? Enter SPIN (Small Plot Intensive). They claim that with only 1acre of land that an individual can make up to $50, 000. Add to that cost the environmental savings, the opportunity cost of protecting your local environment by producing produce at home. SPIN offers guides on-line to show you how to build your garden.

I’ve jumped on board the urban agriculture phenomenon. I can’t wait until next spring when I can plant all these new vegetables. And although I’m not in it for the financial rewards it would be great to see some SPIN farms pop up in Toronto