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November 2008
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Archive for November, 2008

Dissected To No Where

What is the best way to learn a city? Go for a run. When I used to move or travel to new cities to get to know the city I would throw on my shoes, some tunes and head out the door. With no set schedule I would run for as long I wanted to […]

20 Minutes Max!

On Monday the TTC announced it was increasing service across the routes. Their goal is to have a maximum waiting time on routes of 30 minutes or less, following the subway hours of operations. The goal is to reduce this to 20 minutes over the next five years. This is an attempt by the TTC […]

The Death and Life of Great American Cities

I wrote a book review for a class I’m taking and decided to post it on my blog as well (you can find it here). The book was amazing. Jane Jacobs helped to shape Toronto to who it is today – full of character, full of life, and full of interesting people and places. Her […]


Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the joint OTC/ITEconference on urban streetscaping. Most of the speakers were from the City of Toronto but the first presentation, one of the better ones, was from the City of Markham. The best presentation of the day was by Phil Weber of Ourston Roundabouts. What is Streetscaping? Streetscaping […]

Tougher Laws for Teens in Ontario.

Yesterday the Ontario Legislature put forward a bill in an effort to reduce accidents amongst teenager drivers. According to their research (as quoted on 680news last night) individuals under the age of 21 are 3.5 times more likely to get into a car accident than the rest of us out there driving. In 1994 The […]

Active Transportation

 What is active transportation? Have you ever thought I’m going to combine how I get to work with my exercise for the day? Did you walk, run, or ride your bike to work? Those are all forms of active transportation. Active transportation is any form of human-powered transportation. The most popular are riding your bike […]

Up, Up, and Away

Last night while flipping through the channels trying to get some R&R (I had severely underestimated my run home from work) I happened upon a CBC documentary The Sky’s the Limit.   Although  I usually dedicate any TV watching I get to sports this doc really got my attention. Where is the future of Aviation? […]

Sustainable Search Engine

Meet, the energy efficient search engine from google. Developed  in 2005 by  Heap Media, an  Australian  Company, Blackle is a reminder that we all need to be more energy efficient. Completely dependant on our computers it is the little things that count. Everytime you load a page from blackle you are given an energy […]

The Countdown is On

I was recently part of a discussion about the countdown signals at intersections. Designed for pedestrian’s they count down the seconds for one to cross the street. Some intersections  are based purely on a countdown clock (i.e they start a fixed time and countdown to zero), some are based on sensors in the road (i.e […]

Technology, Society and The Environment: Week #10

I have missed a couple of weeks with Vanderburg’s course, well I’ve been there but I wasn’t inspired to write a blog about it. This week was different, Vanderburg really got us thinking about the producer-consumer environment. Maybe it was my friend Steve’s blog that really got me thinking about it, but we as consumers […]