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November 2008
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New Management Needed

In what seems to be a never-ending series, Toronto had another devastating truck accident last night. A transport truck carrying copper piping tumbled from an overpass on to the highway below crushing 4 cars, injuring  4 people and killing 1. (Versions and pictures of the story can be found here, here and here).

Knowing the victim makes this that much harder to swallow, but the loss of innocent lives from truck drivers has to come to a stop.

Can we blame the truck drivers for these accidents?

When my dad called me yesterday to break the news to me my gut reaction was to blame the man driving the truck. After allowing my emotions to subside I realized that In reality although he may have directly caused the accident but he is influenced indirectly for the company he works for. These truck drivers are trying to just make ends meet, they barely get by. With families and the increased cost of living they are forced to practice unsafe measures.

I think the solution is  a Top Down Management Approach.

Top Down Management? Until the companies hiring the truckers change their fee schedule and practices these accidents will continue to happen. It is time for safe trucking practices, slowing down, inspecting trucks daily, it is time for the little guy, the truck driver, to have the courage to say no.

In Memoriam of Harry Taylor, a visionary, a  dedicated worker and a wonderful father.


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