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November 2008
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Active Transportation

 What is active transportation?

Have you ever thought I’m going to combine how I get to work with my exercise for the day? Did you walk, run, or ride your bike to work? Those are all forms of active transportation. Active transportation is any form of human-powered transportation. The most popular are riding your bike and walking.

Active Transportation will soon be a new ‘buzz’ word, like sustainability. But it is better than sustainability. Not only does it combine sustainable, ‘green’  actions but it also improves your own health.

Toronto is trying to make it easier. Both GO Transit and the TTCare installing bike racks on the front of buses, by the end of 2010 the  TTC will have 24 routes completely equipped with bike racks.  This way you can combine using public transit and active transit.

I’ll continue to bike, run, and walk where I can. I’ve recently started running home from work, it’s a long way but very rewarding. As I’ve said to my friends I started running a lot again so I can eat more cookies, cake, candy, etc so if I run longer I guess I can eat even more!


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