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November 2008
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Tougher Laws for Teens in Ontario.

Yesterday the Ontario Legislature put forward a bill in an effort to reduce accidents amongst teenager drivers. According to their research (as quoted on 680news last night) individuals under the age of 21 are 3.5 times more likely to get into a car accident than the rest of us out there driving.

In 1994 The Ontario Government passed a law for graduating licensing. What does that mean? A G1 is granted if one passes a written test and is of at minimum 16 years of age. The G2 is the middle stage and one has to pass a driving test, that does not include highway driving. A finally an individual must do a second highway driving test to achieve their full, G license.   From the time one gets their G1 it takes a minimum of 20 months to get your full license, depending on whether or not you use an accredited driving school.

Drinking and Driving

Government put forward a motion to have a zero tolerance policy for individuals 21 and under. For those individuals who get their license after the age of 21 there is a one-year imposed zero tolerance policy. This is more a modification to the original legislature for the graduated licensing protocol. Under the original protocol an individual only holding their G2 license had a zero-tolerance policy enforced. Once they had their full license, a G-license, than there is a tolerable limit of 0.08% blood alcohol level. I agree with the legislation, anything to mitigate drinking and driving amongst teenagers.
Speeding. The new legislation is again a zero-tolerance policy. A first offense warrants a 30-day suspension, your second offense gets you a 90day suspension. Upon a third infraction the driver is reverted back to their G1 license.

The new proposal is to limit the number of teenagers in the car to one. Previously the legislation did not limit the number of teenagers during the day, but during the first six months of a teenager could not have more than one teenager in the car between midnight and 5am. Some teenagers are saying that this will only cause more drinking and driving. I have to say that I think that is a little excessive, I’m not sure that any law, television show, media, etc advocates drinking and driving.
This new legislation is in reaction to several recent accidents including the horrific accident up in Muskoka on Lake Joseph. I wrote about the accident here back in August. Unfortunately a cousin of mine was in the accident up in Muskoka. I agree with this legislation, if it prevents accidents, even just one, and a family doesn’t have to go what Allan Mintz went through than I am in favour of these new laws.


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