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December 2008
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Going 'Green' for Red and Green Season

It’s that time of the year again. You look outside and the trees are adorned with lights, there are decorations everywhere and  depending on where you live (almost anywhere in Canada right now) children are playing in the snow … really it looks magical outside.   But all of the glitz and glamour is energy consuming.

I was thinking about how I could be ‘green’ over the holidays and here is a quick list of things you can do to be eco-friendly:

  • use LED lights – they use significantly less energy and they do not get nearly as hot as traditional lights. And this year they have been much improved and don’t have that bluish tinge to them anymore
  • re-usable tress – this one is a bit of a debate because so many of the ‘fake’ trees are made from plastics. But trying to find an eco-friendly one. We need all the trees we can get in the ground
  • Organic Turkey – typically organic farms are much more eco-friendly, plus the bird usually tastes better too
  • Local vegetables – it is tough here in Toronto these days to get locally grown stuff (the city, suburbs and rural area is burried in snow) but try to buy stuff from green houses or vegetables that haven’t travelled from outside of North America
  • Newspaper – wrap presents in day-old newspaper. If you fashion it with some pretty bows and ribbon (both of which can be re-used) you can create a spectacular pile of presents.
  • Give gifts that people need – instead of buying something frivolous give gifts that someone can really use. Gifts like stainless steel waterbottles and mugs, an indoor plant, warm mittens, a gift certificate to an organic food store …

I wish everyone a happy holidays and a happy new year.