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January 2009
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Ontario Snowplows: Do They Help?

Over the holidays I was fortunate to do one of the things I love most, to downhill ski. I worked up at a little resort in Southern Ontario, called Alpine Ski Club. And everyday I had to make the trek from my parents place to the hill.

We had a variety of weather, from rain, to wind gust of 105km/h, to super mild (15c) to super cold (-15c) to snow to freezing rain; we had it all.

With all this wacky weather we had it made for some very interesting driving conditions. A couple of mornings while on the road I crept up on the plow and I actually thought the plow was making the road conditions worse.  The roads went from snow-packed to a glistening ice with intermittent snow. The plow was also not applying any sand or salt.

I’m not really sure what the solution to this is but I do think I would have been safer if the road was left snow-packed as opposed to plowed.


Comment from David
Time January 7, 2009 at 9:21 pm

i have found the best solution for this is to stay at home… there is an additional remedy… play some xbox, but you may amend this and substitute “PS3, Wii, or plain old TV”

Comment from sasha
Time January 8, 2009 at 2:12 pm

Dave, I totally agree with you. When the weather is really snowy and slippery, if you have the option to work from home than you definitely should. It would reduce the number of accidents, reduce pollution (by reducing idle time as you try to battle the weather), and reduce stress. But I recommend not telling your employeer that you are playing xbox, wii, ps3, etc!