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January 2009
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New Years Resolutions

It may be January 14th but it is definitely not too late to make some New Years Resolutions. Along with some of the traditional ones, I came across a great list of ‘green’ ones a blog called The Green Life. Their goal is to promote ideas for living well and doing good. Their list includes

1. Bring camaraderie to your commute
Carpooling saves gas and turns traffic delays into socializing opportunities. If you have really good friends in the car you can take turns between driver and ‘napper,’ extra ‘z’s’ are always appreciated..

2. Be an informed eater
If you’re torn between the trout and the halibut, text 30644 with the message “FISH” and the type you’re considering to learn which is the more sustainable choice ( I just read a great book called FOOD by Alphabet City (more to come on this tomorrow) but it talks about making informed decisions with all the food we eat.

3. Junk the junk mail
Inundated by catalogs but too lazy to call and get off their mailing lists? Just register with, which will do the legwork for you. (Services like and stop other kinds of junk mail too–for a fee.)

4. Become a mix master
DIY kits make it easy to blend up your own nontoxic household cleansers, skin products, and pet-care items (all from as well as all-natural baby food ( If that is too much for you, try to purchase the green friendly ones. They may be a little more expensive but aside from the benefits to the environment, think about the benefits to you. We still don’t really understand what those toxins will do to us, so for now I’ll stick with more natural stuff

5. Learn to share
At and, you can find neighbors willing to lend you books, tools, or other things you’d rather not buy. Start a lending library at your school or work.

6. Give back on your next getaway
Count whales or plant trees in exotic locales–opportunities abound at and in The Ethical Travel Guide (Earthscan) and The 100 Best Vacations to Enrich Your Life (National Geographic Books).

7. Just say no to bottled water
If tap water is good enough for some of the country’s top restaurants, isn’t it good enough for you? I thought about this a lot the other day and the whole Bisphenol-A stuff – if a bottle is unsafe to be reused, how safe are the contents in it that have been sitting in there for days, weeks, months, etc ?

8. See more meaningful movies
Sick of Hollywood fluff? Subscribe to a socially conscious film series at or and get cinematic conversation-starters delivered to your door.

These are just a few things we can do. As I mentioned here in a previous post One Million Acts of Green is another great place to start.

Here is to a happy and healthy 2009!