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January 2009
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What Influences Your Choices at a Grocery Store?

Last week I wrote about a book I had recently read, FOOD. When I was at the grocery store last week I couldn’t stop thinking about the book and thinking about the decisions I was making when purchasing food.

Here were some of the things that got me thinking

  • Where did my fruits and vegetables travel from? Chile, Mexico, China … I wanted local. I didn’t want my food to polluting the earth anymore than necessary. Plus how fresh is an apple from China?
  • Fish: water, water everywhere and where did my fish swim in from? Farmed, Fresh – ok they provided that. And after talking with my friend Steve, I don’t know that I can ever again eat farmed fish.
  • Bread: ok so some people say that too many carbs are bad, but sometimes I find a piece of bread toasted with butter and jam. So buy what they make at the grocery or buy generic bread? Where is the flour from? Where is the butter from? Did they use organic stuff? Maybe I’ll start making my own bread
  • Meat: the butcher section is great. It tells you where it’s from. Ontario farmers I support you.

It always comes down to cost. Most of us are on a limited budget and we cannot necessarily justify purchasing only local. I guess its all about the little things you can do


Comment from David
Time January 27, 2009 at 7:06 pm

my vegetarian (hippe, tree hugging) wife, made us switch to local organic milk about 2 years ago. After the price of gas went crazy we noticed the cost of “good” milk go up… we stopped buying it when it was twice the price. cant decide if that’s supply and demand, or local farmers struggling to survive

Comment from sasha
Time January 27, 2009 at 9:37 pm

has the price of organic milk gone down since the price of gas has gone down? and have you switched back?

interesting a couple of things might be happening here. One, the price of milk may not have come down to what it was before, farmers may be trying to recover costs. Secondly farmers might be foreseeing the future and the price of gas going up again and preparing themselves for the current bubble to burst again and the cost of gas to go up again. It doesn’t seem like organic farmers would want to gouge their customers, they typically don’t seem that way.

Comment from David
Time January 28, 2009 at 9:23 pm

Not 100% sure if the price has gone done. I was pretty offended at the increase, so for now i’m sticking with hormones and penicillin in my milk. (yumm)

If I had to guess I would say the price of “organic’ milk is not regulated, while regular milk is. If that’s true, I wonder why that is?