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January 2009
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Budget Day 2009

a budget word cloud

It’s one of those days Canadians seem to dread every year, budget day. What will it say? How will it affect me?

As we enter a recession Canadians were even more concerned with the budget. Prior to the holiday break an alliance was formed between the Liberals, the Bloc, and the NDP that threatened to take down the Conservative Government. With the presentation of the budget yesterday both the NDP and the Bloc said that they would reject the budget, but no word from the Liberals.

The Daily Exchange published a good summary from the budget found here.

It’s all in the shoes

Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, delivered the budget message in a pair of work boots. His message was if it’s designed we will build it. It’s time to put shovels in the ground, but of course there is a catch, Municipalities and Provincial governments are required to match the funding in order to receive it. Although the Provinces may be able to do this it will be next to impossible for the municipalities.

Although I haven’t had a chance to get into the budget in depth (but will try to tonight) I didn’t see enough about ‘green’ initiatives. What about tax incentives for reducing your carbon footprint? What about incentives for local farmers? (I’d rather have fruits and vegetables from Ontario rather than China).

Canada vs The US: who will be ‘greener?’

Just south of us President Obama has been asking republicans for advice on developing a budget. Why didn’t Harper go to the Liberals and ask for advice? There would have been more ‘green’ initiatives. It will be interesting to compare what the US and Canada decide to do with their budgets, either way they both come with large deficits.