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January 2009
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The Budget Misses Key Environmental Components

I’ve had more of a chance to go through the budget details now and I stand by my comment that the 2009 budget does not do enough for the environment. And I’m not alone. I started some new classes this term. One of my professors has a breadth of knowledge (including both an engineering and law degree) and spoke very passionately about the budget.

Here’s what he had to say:

“With respect to the field of buildings and energy-efficiency, the
federal budget was disappointing.
At a time when we face the twin problems of global warming and a future in
which energy supplies will wane
and prices will rise, Harper’s government gives money to household
renovations like new bathrooms
and kitchens.

To be strategically focused on sustaining our country, and ensuring
Canadians continue to have the
opportunity to heat their homes during the cold of winter, the government
should have put this money
toward Canadians who are renovating old homes, or building new homes more
responsibly. Taxpayers
shouldn’t be subsidizing the purchase of new carpets. We should be
building better homes now. Homes that
will be more affordable to operate, less burdensome on our environment –
homes that will make our
grandchildren proud.

The government had an excellent opportunity to accomplish forward-looking
goals with respect to houses in
Canada, and they missed this entirely. It is disappointing, that only one
week after President Obama
expressed his dedication to a planet that is threatened by our use of
energy, Prime Minister Harper failed
to deliver the same hope, the same passion and the same foresight.”

Professor Pressnail is available for comment. To arrange an interview
please contact:
K.D. Pressnail,
an Engineering Professor in Building Science and Civil
Engineering from the University of Toronto