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February 2009
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Archive for February, 2009

What about artificially increasing the price of power to curb demand?

I had an interesting presentation tonight, delivered by Amir Shalaby of The Ontario Power Authority, it was all about energy and its future in Ontario. The presentation covered a breadth of topics from demand to supply, from current use to projected use, from non-renewable to renewable energy sources. What really stuck with me is the […]

The Future of GO Transit

If you go to the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario’s website and click on News (it’s on the right hand side about two-thirds of the way down) you’ll find this article, GO Transit is Expanding!Awesome, does that mean more trains? More buses? New rail lines? New bus routes? More parking lot space? No, once you […]

Protecting Tomorrow: Pollution Probe is a Leader in the war on Climate Change

Ever heard of Pollution Probe? It is a non-profit environmental group which is presently focusing on clean air and water, climate change, energy conservation, mercury mitigation, children’s health and transportation. Through policy change, research and public education the goal is to achieve positive and tangible environmental change. What do they do? Remember the ecoAuto program? […]

Garbage, garbage everywhere…

With the rising temperatures in the east of Canada and the United States it has made for some beautiful running weather. I was even tempted to get on my road bike again, even ride to work, but the massive snow banks deterred me from venturing on the narrowed roads.What also caught my attention was the […]


No I’m not talking about the existing 407ETR, I’m talking about the proposed extension from its easterly termination of Brock Road over to Highway 115/35. This new extension will be known as 407EAST.   Why have  GTA residents not really heard about it? Minister Jim Bradley released his announcement the same day as the Federal […]

Please Stop Clearing Our Rural Highways

This weekend I headed back up again to Southern Ontario ski country, Collingwood, Ontario. And typical for when I drive I got to go through some nasty weather and what I saw out there scared me; between the drivers and the snow plows. Ontario snowplowing – Does it Work? Back in December I wrote an […]