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March 2009
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Archive for March, 2009

The Big Projects in Canada

I came across ReNew Canada: The Infrastructure Renewal Magazine on someone’s desk the other day and scooped it up. In it were the top 10 projects for Canada this year (by $ value). I was impressed and amazed at some of the projects. They are Romaine Hydroelectric Complex Project(Value = $6.5 bil): An endeavour by […]

The End of the Suburban Development?

Peter Schiff, an economic commentator that is said to have predicted the ‘bust’ we are currently in. Last night he was hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos on the Hour. Schiff stated that the down turn in the economy has happened before and will happen again. He said that every 40 years we experience a contraction. Why? […]

Quebec Vs Ontario: Which is better?

I recently took a trip with part of my family on a ski vacation on in Quebec (4 of us in a car has to be better from an environmental perspective than 4 of us flying). What amazed me was the difference in the highways between Quebec and Ontario. I’m not sure I could conclude […]

Are we defined by Neighbourhoods?

When people asked where I grew up the answer was always North Toronto. But depending on whom you ask you get different answers. The other day the Toronto Star published their version of the Toronto Neighbourhoods. Really all it is telling us is how to further divide ourselves culturally – I actually  grew up in […]

Yield to the Bus

I am all for public transit, it usually moves people more efficiently than in individual automobiles, it helps to reduce pollution and it helps move people who may not be able to afford to have their own personal vehicle. But what I am not in favour of is aggressive bus drivers that do forget that […]