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April 2009
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GO Transit and Metrolinx to Merge

On March 30th the provincial government announced that GO Transit would merge with Metrolinx in an attempt to better manage the transit in the Toronto-Hamilton corridor. According to Metronauts the proposed bill was read in the House of Commons on Monday morning and passed it’s first reading.

By Merging GO Transit and Metrolinx Ontario should be able to create more jobs in our fragile economy

The merger will be lead by Robert Prichard and he will be advised by several others including current Metrolinx Chair Rob MacIsaac and GO Transit Chair Peter Smith. By merging Metrolinx with GO Transit this will not only allow Metrolinx to fulfill the original intent of Metrolinx, but also to take advantage of the Federal budget announcements and get shovel ready projects in the ground.

This merger also means that Ontario tax payers will own selected new regional transit infrastructure. But municipalities will also have to consult with Metrolinx on any changes to their existing transit system. With this merger it should hopefully mean the end of municipalities acting as silos and transit being more consistent across Southern Ontario.

Other quick facts:

  • there are more than 1.6 million transit trips a day in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area
  • GO Transit carries 55 million passengers a year
  • Congestion of the Greater Toronto Area costs $6 billion annually

For more information please see Metrolinx, particularly the two articles Ontario Merging GO Transit and Metrolinx and Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area Transit Implementation Act, 2009.