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April 2009
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Coffee: A never ending pile of garbage

Earth day is approaching. On April 22nd the world comes together to remind each other that we are all committed to helping to clean up the earth. Disposable coffee cups represent a significant amount of trash that people produce.

Recently in a Tim Horton’s store I saw quite an ironic sign. Remember that currently the ‘Roll up the Rim to Win’ promotion is still underway, although it is in it’s final weeks. Above the cash register I saw a sign that said something along the lines of “support earth day. Each time you bring in your own mug you save 10cents on your cup of coffee” So what are consumers doing?

Just like years before coffee drinkers have ditched their travel mugs in hope they might win.

I couldn’t really find any statistics on this but if I had to hazard a guess I think recyclable cup use is down and people are opting for the ‘throw away cup’ in hope they might get a coffee, donut, or even a TV!

Personally I do not really like Tim Horton’s coffee but do enjoy a steeped tea every so often. If I don’t make coffee at home then I usually opt for Starbucks.

Starbucks too has launched a campaign in support of earth day encouraging people to use their own mugs. They have always offered a discount to customers who bring in their own mug, now they are being more public about it.

Free Coffee April 22nd

Starbucks is actually offering its customers free coffee on April 22nd if they bring in their own mug. There thought must be that if they can encourage enough people to start bringing their own mugs that perhaps it becomes a habit. They could add to the campaign and sell their branded mugs at a discount that day so that everyone was still walking around with their white mugs with a green logo!

As much as possible I try to bring my own mug where ever I go. My bf and I have a huge stash of them at home so that if we forget one, we have back up. I also try to keep one at my desk that is used on the days when I need more than just my morning wake up ?


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