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April 2009
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Getting Ready for Urban Farming Season '09

This passed Friday was officially the first patio Friday of the season. Although I didn’t sit out an enjoy a beverage under the sun, the warm weather did get me thinking about the plans for my gardens this summer

Tomatoes. Cucumber. Zucchini. Peppers. Corn.

I spent part of Saturday tilling the gardens and laying new topsoil. Together my bf and I plotted what we wanted to plant. Now it is a matter of making sure I have enough room. Last year we had a lot of success with our zucchini but they took over the garden and not much else grew. We’ll leave the zucchini in that garden and also add some eggplant and cucumber. This year we are going to convert what used to be a flower bed into a vegetable garden and grow some tomatoes, peppers, beans and carrots in that garden instead. And of course a little herb garden, but that will likely be in a pot. Over the course of the summer I’ll add some pictures to my blog.

The fruits of your labour are well worth the wait

There is nothing quite like going to pick something out of your garden and adding it to your meals. You can also get your children involved (if you have any). Urban farming will teach them the rewards of farming, responsibility, and instil the value of social responsibility in them.

Urban farming just isn’t possible for some because of lack of gardens or shared space. Remember that the farmers markets across the city will open up again in early June and are a great source of local fresh fruits and vegetables.