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May 2009
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How to Improve Toronto's Road Infrastructure

Do you ever have those moments in your car where you just want to scream? I’ve had a few of those lately. I usually bike or transit to work but by taking on an intensive course for my masters I’ve been forced to drive home to school to work to home to maximize my commute efficiency.

The traffic in the city has been a cause for much of the stress in my days, and there is lots going on in my life right now. I cannot believe the amount of construction and the lack of organization – Toronto shouldn’t paralyze the city by allowing construction on parallel routes. The City also needs to consider eliminating on street parking on routes where it is impossible for a car to travel adjacent to the parked cars.

With over 4 million people living in the GTA and a lacking, inefficient transit system it is essential to have a working road infrastructure system.

Here are my suggestions for moving traffic more efficiently in Toronto.

  1. Construction can occur during the day – City officials should coordinate construction programs such that parallel routes are unaffected to allow traffic to more efficiently.
  2. Consider night construction: I think in the city you can do ‘noisy’ construction until 9pm. If you do all the ‘loud’ stuff between 7 and 9 you could place concrete, asphalt, etc the less noisy activities. This way traffic disruptions are minimized
  3. Eliminate on Street parking on regular two lane, major roads: Think of Bayview Avenue south of Eglinton to Davisville. There is always traffic there because people can park on the street. It’s time this came to an end our traffic volumes demand it
  4. Construct more and bigger parking lots at some of the major transit stops. Promote people to be multi-modal.
  5. Allow people to ride their bicycle at less than 15km/hr on sidewalks on major roads. I would bike to school if I didn’t have to ride on Wilson after getting off the subway to get to work. Wilson, which runs parallel to the 401, is busy and scary, it is impossible to ride a bike on it safely

I’m sure I’ve forgotten many ideas here, this really was more of a way for me to vent