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June 2009
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Re:Inventing GM

The GM landing page for Re:Invention

GM – Forward Thinking? Future of Car Makers For North America? I just saw the new GM commercial last night that essentially apologizes to the Canadian citizens and asks for forgiveness; the new campaign is appropriately called ‘Re:Inventing GM.’ GM wants to be looked at as the future of ‘green’ cars and a North American leading auto producer. But is that really possible?

GM is trying to appeal to all the audiences – their world-wide interweb site boasts Flikr, Facebook and Twitter. They have a video on the Chevrolet volt, they have a letter to ‘all Canadians,’ directors statements and news on their restructuring plan. In their commercial they declare that they are getting rid of the unsuccessful brands (does this finally mean the end of the commercial Hummer?)

If fair is fair – are the governments going to bail out other companies that promise to restructure in an effort to be profitable, when in reality profitability is a lofty goal?

In the end I have much more respect for Ford. Ford has not applied for bankruptcy protection and is looking to become the leader in sustainable, environmentally friendly cars.

Is there enough room for GM, Chrysler and Ford?

The next few months will be interesting. With both GM and Chrysler receiving huge bailout packages, both the Canadian and US Governments are hoping to have a thriving auto industry again. The difference between now and the ‘old glory days,’ the world has caught up. Kia, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, etc … all of these companies also offer affordable, environmentally friends .. and watch out Frank Stronach with Magna/Opel should make a push to lead the sustainable car market here. In the end I don’t think it is feasible to sustain all of these North American brands, meaning the US and Canadian citizens have possibly just sunk their money in two un-saveable companies!


Comment from Carz
Time July 30, 2009 at 9:29 pm

I believe and admire Ford, too. I really understand that almost all car manufacturers are suffering the greatest relapse of all time. But it’s only GM who apparently failed to get its grips.