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June 2009
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Alice Waters' Slow Food Movement: Part 2

Remember Home Economics? The class that you about cooking, sewing, knitting when you were in grade school. I also took a class called Active, Health Living in University, which talked about nutrition, how the human body works and even had a 1hr per week activity component to it.

The Edible Schoolyard

Alice Waters at Martin Luther King Middle School in Berkeley, CAWaters has a different spin on it all. As part of the core curriculum at Martin Luther King Middle School of Berkeley, CA students plant, water, weed and harvest to create their own meals from their schoolyard garden as part of their edible schoolyard. (And the students didn’t lose their playground areas for the garden, instead Waters turned an abandoned parking lot attached to the school into the garden area).

Why is Waters’ doing this? To encourage students to eat healthier and to make informed decisions about what to eat; again her slow food movement versus the fast food so readily available to these students. Ultimately her goal is to have schools include food and how we grow it as part of their formal academic coursework.

Vegetable and Fruit Garden at the White House

Back on March 20th the White House Blog announced that the Obama’s would have an 1100 sq. ft. vegetable garden and on April 9th the planting began. The planted the garden for their children, to encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables at each meal.

We can all learn from the Obama’s and Waters; each famous in their own right and they remind us how important it is to eat healthy. Although it is not possible for many of us to have 1100sq. ft gardens we can access local fresh produce at farmers markets, even at our local grocery stores. In the end it is about making informed decisions and making a difference to reduce our impact on the planet.