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July 2009
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Archive for July, 2009

How far are you willing to go?

I’m a news junkie, I just cannot get enough of it. Recently I was reading an article on Vanessa Farquharson’s new book Sleeping Naked is Green. It is Vanessa’s story of her commitment to doing one ‘green’ act every day for a year. The book got rave reviews (and I’m going to go get one […]

What courses to take next year?

It’s that time of the year when students are scrambling to pick their courses for the year (myself included). What courses do they take that both inspire them and open up doors for their future working careers? When looking at the courses available this morning I was required to request permission from the instructor to […]

Reducing Waste in Our Hospitals

Recently I was visiting someone in the hospital and it caught me by surprise just how much waste a hospital produces each day. Don’t get me wrong patient health and safety is paramount but I was curious if there were steps being taken to reduce the amount of waste created. From the bandages, to the […]

I'm only Kosher at Home

I grew up in a very liberal Jewish household where we were allowed to choose religion as we saw fit. But some of my friends were a little more conservative than I was, but only at home. Outside their own house they broke many of the food ‘laws’ of the Jewish tradition. The other day […]

Stop Dumping in Our Backyards

It is Day 26 of the garbage strike in Toronto and Week 14 of the Garbage strike in Windsor, which means that Southern Ontario stinks! In total there are now 22 temporary dump sites open in Toronto the latest suggestion being in the parking lot for the CNE grounds. Does that mean when I’m on […]

Where's the Incentive?

It seems that every time I go for a ride lately I come up with something to talk about. Last night I headed out for a ride again after work. Same direction but this time with the intention of not going quite as far as the previous day (I’m no Tour de France’r). I headed […]

If you thought Traffic Congestion in Toronto was bad …

Last night I got home from work and decided to go for a long but leisurely ride. I jumped on my bike and headed west along the waterfront trail towards Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, etc …and ended up weaving my way through Mississauga. I was absolutely shocked by the traffic of the Toronto bedroom community. It […]

It Takes A Little More Planning …

This passed weekend was the Honda Indy here in Toronto. It draws many people not just for the car racing but for all the other activities around it. Toronto once again did a fabulous job in creating awareness about the event, getting more than just those who like car racing involved and cleaning up the […]

Is No Garbage Pickup Teaching Torontonian’s to Minimize Waste?

It is day 21 of what is referred to as the ‘Garbage Strike’ here in Toronto. Although the strike affects both the inside and outside workers of the city the focus has been on garbage, since it is now piling up in 19 parks and arenas across the city. I wondered through the garbage strike […]

Perpetual Pavements

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend a seminar on perpetual pavements. With a panel of experts on pavements they made a convincing case for asphalt roads. What is a perpetual pavement? Defined by the Washington Asphalt Pavement Association, “a perpetual pavement is an asphalt pavement designed and built to last longer than 50 […]