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July 2009
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How To Make a Small Difference in Our World

This blog is dedicated to my Aunt Lisa and her tireless efforts to make the world a better place for those whose future seems bleak.

LisaSpeaksOut is a website dedicated to helping women world wide reach their potential. In an unbalanced and sometimes cruel world Lisa is taking the steps to change that. Lisa describes her work as a place …

“where we share what is important for ourselves, our children and our planet and where we do not seek to define existing concepts but to create new ones. Starting from a place of knowing nothing, we, as women, free ourselves to explore new ways to live in this world.’

What I like best about Lisa’s website is the transparency. With no mission or vision statement the goal is simply to improve the lives of other not to have measurable outcomes; too often we measure our outcomes in terms of negatives, how we can improve, not what we did well. Instead Lisa’s goal is to measure the successes, small and large, the improvements she makes in the lives of other women … “I am accountable only to myself, the women I know and will never know and to our children.’

LisaSpeaksOut really captures the whole notion of triple bottom line planning; SOCIAL, Nomad2Nomadimprove the lives of women in countries where they social injustice prevents them from reaching success, ENVIRONMENTAL, do it in a way that leaves no footprint on the environment, and ECONOMIC, from whatever these women produce bring the money back to the women so their lives will improve.

Join NOMAD2NOMAD and help create a history that no one will ever need to alter.