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July 2009
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It Takes A Little More Planning …

This passed weekend was the Honda Indy here in Toronto. It draws many people not just for the car racing but for all the other activities around it. Toronto once again did a fabulous job in creating awareness about the event, getting more than just those who like car racing involved and cleaning up the garbage (especially considering the garbage strike) but they forgot about one major aspect …

…when you close a road you create mass congestion on the parallel routes.

On Friday I had one of those frustrating drives home at 2pm. Usually there is a little congestion at this time of the day on a Friday but last week it was unbearable. With Lakeshore Blvd closed, between British Columbia Drive and Strachan, people were forced on to the Gardiner Expressway, King Street, Queen Street and any other parallel route they could find. At the root of the congestion, street parking on these parallel routes.

Temporary parking limitations

In the future Toronto should consider eliminating the street parking on for the two week days leading up to the Indy event. For any major event that closes a major thoroughfare the city should consider limiting street parking on weekdays on these major routes. Given that these street parking closures are temporary businesses should be willing to cooperate; especially considering that there are usually additional revenues from the influx of people drawn to the event.

Events are a huge part of Toronto but more planning is always needed. With congestion due to out limited public transportation system and mass numbers of people commuting it is imperative to keep our roads from reaching those critical volumes.