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July 2009
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Where's the Incentive?

It seems that every time I go for a ride lately I come up with something to talk about. Last night I headed out for a ride again after work. Same direction but this time with the intention of not going quite as far as the previous day (I’m no Tour de France’r).

I headed out on the same route, the waterfront trail along Lake Ontario and on the way home decided to take Lakeshore Blvd. Typically my bf and I like riding along Lakeshore Blvd because where it doesn’t have bike lanes, it has overly-wide right lanes. Aside from the lights it is a generally safer road to ride on.

Parked in the Bike Lane

As a cyclist I some times disobey the law … if I get stopped at a light and there are no cars coming I’ll turn right, do a u-turn and continue down the road or turn left before the cars have a chance, sometimes I’ll just slow down at stop signs and keep going if there are no cars, sometimes I jump on the sidewalk. I agree that I shouldn’t do these things but sometimes it’s for the sake of being safe.

If there are police on the road than I always follow the law, the last thing I want is a ticket while riding my bike! Yesterday there was a cop on Lakeshore and I made sure to stop at every light, wait for pedestrians and generally be a good cycle-citizen.

Up ahead what do I see a car parked in the bike lane, when just adjacent is street parking. The police look at the car, look at me and then drove away. No ticket, no warning, nothing.

Where is the incentive for people to obey the traffic laws when are police won’t even enforce them?

I was very disappointed in what I witnessed yesterday, but not surprised by it. In my quest to remain active I’ll have to accept these disappointments from time to time. I guess if I just didn’t break the law so often on my bike I’d have better karma.