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July 2009
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I'm only Kosher at Home

I grew up in a very liberal Jewish household where we were allowed to choose religion as we saw fit. But some of my friends were a little more conservative than I was, but only at home. Outside their own house they broke many of the food ‘laws’ of the Jewish tradition. The other day that I was thinking some of us looking at how we treat the environment the same way …

we compost and recycle at home but when it comes to work we turn a blind eye.

Maybe it’s the ‘out of sight, out of mind philosophy’ where someone else is responsible for that waste created not us. Don’t get me wrong it is much more difficult to separate recyclables at work and forget composting, no one offers that.

Small steps to take for being ‘greener’ at work

  1. If you make your own lunch use recycleable containers that you can use to take your food scraps home in to recycle (or if you’re really ambitious and your work site permits it, start a composting program)
  2. When going out for lunch look for restaurants that serve local, organic foods
  3. Print as few things as possible. When it is essential to print use both sides of the page (I have good eye sight so I usually print two pages per page so I get 4 pages on one page!)
  4. Keep a small recycle box beside your garbage.   That way it is easier to separate your trash from recyclables when cleaning your desk area

Remember a big part of our lives happens at work. Encourage friends and colleauges to respect the environment in all aspects of their lives. As corportate sustainability becomes the trend being ‘green’ at work will get easier.


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