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August 2009
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When Did Shopping Become So Difficult?

I’m a shopaholic at times – shoes, clothes, sunglasses, gadgets and most importantly (well at least to me) food. I’m a huge promoter of fresh and healthy eating, which means I frequent the grocery store. But I do as much as possible stop at all the farmers markets I come across.

I recently picked up Vanessa Farquharson’s book, Sleeping Naked is Green, and I’m plowing through it. It recounts here year of doing one green act per day. And it really gets to you! You are continuously questioning yourself.

Am I being green enough? What other choices do I have? Would they have less of an environmental footprint? Do I really need this item anyways?

It’s an unending list of questions that leaves your head spinning in the grocery store. Today I questioned my toilet paper purchase, paper towels (because yes cat feces is too disgusting to pick up with anything that doesn’t just go straight to the compost bin), my vegetables, my milk, my eggs and my coffee (no you cannot buy local coffee here in Ontario but you can definitely pick up fair trade). In the end it makes that trip to the grocery store that much longer, but I did for the most part find local fruits and vegetables, recycled paper towels and toilet paper and fair trade coffee.

Today was a great day, I did feel like I was making a difference. To start the grocery store had tons of options, and even bags that were used for carrying stuff home (I forgot my reusable ones) were good for my home compost bin. And then my ‘big smile’ for the day. My bf had to run in and get cleaning supplies and to my surprise he picked up ‘green’ friendly products.