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August 2009
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We Just Can't Give Up Driving

As much as we try in North America, it is almost impossible to give up driving. Not because we aren’t trying but because we lack the infrastructure to get anywhere without a car.

Tips for efficiency

  • Since we’re unable to trade in those cars for other means of transportation here are some tips to minimize your vehicles impact on the environment.
  • Lighten Up: Clear out unused items from your car. An extra 100 pounds of weight can increase fuel consumption by 2%.
  • Drive Sanely: accelerate and brake gradually and try to stay within the speed limit. Driving too fast and in a stop-start, jerky fashion can reduce gas mileage by 33%.
  • Tune It Up: keep tires properly inflated, do regular maintenance and oil changes, and take care of leaks as soon as you notice them.
  • Don’t Idle: One of things I’ve written about in the past. Idling costs cities millions of dollars per year. When you’re waiting for someone, turn your engine off
  • Thanks to Sierra Magazine’s The Green Life: Daily Tips for Living Well and Doing Good for providing these simple tips.

    I think the most important tip of all is to drive a fuel efficient car. With the ‘cash for clunkers‘ program in the US individuals can trade in their old, gas-guzzling, monsters for smaller more efficient cars; unfortunately at this time Canada does not have a similar program, but Chrysler Canada is offering an incentive.

    The reality is everyone does have to drive at times. By reducing the amount we drive and following these simple tips we can all help to reduce the footprints of our cars.