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August 2009
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Get Dishes Brilliantly Clean

PC Dishwasher DetergentAs we are all doing our part to ‘green’ the world I thought it would be a good idea to start posting about good and not-so-good environmentally friendly products that I’ve tried (and I encourage you to share some with me as well).

This passed weekend I had to re-stock the house with cleaning supplies. Together with my BF we managed to find everything we needed for the house in environmentally conscious products. One of my jobs this weekend was tackling the massive amount of dishes we had created. I loaded everything strategically into the dishwasher, leaving only a minimal amount of space between things.

I then added my new President’s Choice® G.R.E.E.N™ 4 in 1 Phosphate-free Dishwasher Detergent tab. They claim to remove caked on food, removes tough stains, protects glassware and have a rinse aid   that reduces spots and film. And all of their claims were true, my dishes came out looking much more shiny and sparkly.

In the store what really caught my attention was their green friendly sales pitch:

Now clean can be GREEN… and phosphate-free! The use of regular dishwasher detergent releases 5,000 tonnes of phosphates per year, causing the rapid proliferation of algae in our lakes and rivers, harming fish and other aquatic species. This product, however, is chlorine- and phosphate-free. By using less environmentally harmful ingredients, we are helping to support a safer, cleaner environment. The benefit is clear: fewer phosphates and less chlorine down the drain, better water for us all.

The dishwasher may not be the most eco-friendly appliance in the home. However, I do believe that my health is at the top of the hierarchy and I also don’t think washing your dishes in the sink is as sanitary or as efficient (it probably would have taken me 5 sink loads of hot-water soak, followed by warm water rinse). Using energy efficient dishwashers, only using dishwashers when they are full and using an eco-friendly detergent I believe is the best defense for our health and the environment.