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September 2009
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Education Revelation

It’s back to school. Some students are changing courses, adjusting schedules, even changing majors – and I fall into all of those categories.

My undergraduate engineering program was in structural (civil) engineering. I studied structures, concrete, steel, wood, wind … anything and everything to do with structural engineering. Although I never thought I would work as a structural engineer at the time I thought it was the best path to follow.

It’s now round two (actually round three) and I’m doing my masters of engineering. Naturally I chose to again go into civil engineering. This time though I thought I would do more of a transportation flavour. But really my heart was in environmental.

With the help of an amazing staff at the University of Toronto, I am now enrolled (or soon to be enrolled) in the collaborative civil and environmental engineering program. It all came together when I went to my first Mechanics of Reinforced Concrete lecture last Wednesday. Stress Tensors, Strains, cracking forces … interesting but not for me, I’d rather be in something related to sustainability. After some running around and talking to the right people I’m on the path, I’m taking a course in Infrastructure Economics and Evaluations of Sustainable Engineering activities – and more importantly I’m excited about my courses.

In the end I recommend you follow your heart with your education. It is far better to get up everyday and want to go to school, far better to open doors that lead you to a job that you love – life is too short to do something you dislike.