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October 2009
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Fast Food Part 2

There is no question that I have neglected my blog lately and I really am sorry. I cannot believe how busy I have been. Between site visits, school work, running, ultimate, the magazine, etc … I feel like I hardly have any time these days. But in order to get through it is really important to be healthy and part of that is having a nutritious dinner at the end of each day.

My bf and I try as much as possible to sit down together at the end of our busy days and enjoy a meal together. As he says ‘she likes to cook and I like what she makes’ so usually it is my responsibility to make dinner. With limited time I’ve had to be somewhat creative over the last few weeks. And although we may have had KD at some point (great comfort food)   have generally been able to come up with some great meals.

Here are some of my suggestions for quick and easy meals:

  1. Fish: Salmon is a favourite in our house. A little balsamic, maple syrup and brown sugar and put it in the oven or in the bbq wrapped in foil and it’s delicious. Always moist
  2. Soups: Fresh vegetable soup is one of my favourite things to eat right now. Carrot, Corn, Roasted Red Pepper. Soup can be made in about 15 minutes and left to simmer while you do other things around the house. We usually have containers that can be defrosted quickly to enjoy with a meal
  3. Pasta: It gets a bad reputation, full of carbs, nothing really valuable in it … well that’s true if you make plain pasta with salt filled canned tomato sauce. Instead boil a few tomatoes with balsamic and redwine vinegar, add some corn starch and you can make excellent sauce or follow Jamie Oliver’s sauce recipe. Add goat cheese, chicken and pile of roasted veges. The more veges you have the fewer noodles you need, which leads to one balanced meal.
  4. Steak and Broccoli: another favourite in our house. Steak is a great source of iron and broccoli is a wonder vegetable, together they are an unstoppable combo
  5. Chicken Breasts: With some white wine, lemons and thyme you can make a very delicious chicken breast pretty quickly.
  6. Steamed Vegetables: anything green in a steamer and you have a side dish in 10 minutes

I actually could go on and on about quick and simple dinners. Maybe one day I’ll have enough time to publish some of these recipes. What are you quick and simple dinners?

I cannot remind people enough how important it is to eat well balanced meals. Without proper nutrition I wouldn’t have the energy to do the things I love to do, and do so many of them at once.

And remember always reward yourself with treats. It’s apple season in Ontario so I’m currently enjoying a candied apple!


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