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July 2011
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Good Things are Brewing In Halifax

This past weekend I flew out to Halifax for a track race. The race went pretty well, but I was so impressed with their city composting program. Not only does Halifax have residential collection for compost but they also have a space for it in their citywide recycling bins for composting (check out the organics slot in the picture).

Composting + Digital Ads = Sounds forward thinking to me!

Based on some surfing I think Halifax is trying to privately co-found this program by offer advertising space. And as I hear over and over again, “Print Isn’t Dead.’ Ad a QR code, a number to text, a URL and all of a sudden it’s digital media on a traditional ad campaign.

Halifax is definitely a mix of old and new. There are many residents of the city trying to make it a sustainable green city. There were lots of cyclists out. From what I saw it seemed like there were fewer, massive SUVs. There seemed to be a fair amount of people walking in the downtown. The city also offered a brochure on all the local restaurants and retailers that were more sustainable.

As a side note, if you ever do go to Halifax visit Uncommon Grounds. My teammate and I spent a few hours there while it rained the day before our meet. It’s all organic coffee (really good coffee!) and homemade baked goods (their fresh breads for sandwiches and granola bars were my favourite). The Uncommon Group has a few other eateries and retail shops in Halifax, all specializing in local goods. I’ve already placed an order through Carbonstok!