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Edited By: John Knechtel

This is the second of the series from Alphabet City that I wrote about here. Fuel really challenged me to think about what my life will likely be like in a few years, in a post-carbon world. Already I’ve started to conserve more, use much more eco-friendly products and try to choose products with minimal, eco-friendly packaging. And even more important I try to use my car as little as possible; instead I cycle, take transit or carpool with my bf.

My favourite section of the book was The Post-Carbon Highway and I wrote a blog post about it here. I was born and raised in Toronto and have witnessed the mass congestion that has been building on the 401. Although Toronto has a fantastic, active downtown far too many people still live in Suburban communities and demand space on the highway each day.

The book moves through the world discussing the successes and failures with oil with a resounding theme that oil is destroying the world. Directly it causes the release of GHG’s and toxins and indirectly it causes civil and multi-national wars. With a decreasing supply and an increasing demand we may unfortunately see more of the indirect impacts of oil.

What will our post-carbon future look like?

I like how the various authors touch on different world cities and their plans to combat a life without oil. From Dubai and how it is building massive infrastructure to support business after their oil runs out to using the exhausted oil platforms as boutique hotels in the Caspian Sea. One thing is for certain those that can capitalize on the existing oil infrastructure for something of the post-carbon oil, especially those that make it ‘green,’ will see vastly inflated wallets.

Our post-carbon future will be about local food, local vacations, electric cars and active transportation. Velo-city, one of the final sections of the book, describes a very unique, dedicated infrastructure for bicycles. Imagine having a series of velo-tubes that followed the major highways.

The post-carbon future is a reality and this light reading book got one to question how they are living their lives. I highly recommend this as a beach read, on-the-way-to-work bus read or something else when you need something easy to read. Look for it used on


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