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June 2019
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Archive for 'Book Reviews'

Tim Flannery’s The Weather Makers

Extreme Events. Heavy Rainfall. Widespread droughts and desertification. Mile wide twisters. Category 5 Hurricanes. According to Tim Flannery’s The Weather Makers this is what the weather of the future will be like. And why? Because of climate change, because of the harsh impact humans have on the sensitive planet. The book is divided into 5 […]

What's To Come

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus since the seasonal holidays and then getting pretty sick (get your wisdom teeth out before they make you sick!). Lots has been happening in and around the engineering, sustainable development and renewable energy front. My plan this week is to take a look at the things that […]

What's for Lunch?

Ever thought about where the food you are eating comes from?   I just read a great book edited by John Knechtel of Alphabet City. From a seed vault in the far north, to space food, to the world foods we’ve come to call everyday comforts FOOD really made me think about what I was […]

The Death and Life of Great American Cities

I wrote a book review for a class I’m taking and decided to post it on my blog as well (you can find it here). The book was amazing. Jane Jacobs helped to shape Toronto to who it is today – full of character, full of life, and full of interesting people and places. Her […]

Tom Vanderbilt's Traffic

A Must Read for Anyone who has Been Stuck in Traffic Before Late August the Globe and Mail published an article Zoom, Zoom, Crash, Bang a comment by Margaret Wente discussing why men and women are inherently different drivers. What she also mentioned was Tom Vanderbilt’s new book Traffic. After reading the article I couldn’t […]

Book Reviews

As I try to expand my personal library I thought I would create a section of book reviews – more just an area of what I thought of the book. More books to follow, a few I’ve read recently, and some that I’ve just recently started. The first book I included was The Celestine Prophecy […]