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July 2019
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Archive for 'Cycling'

Share the Road

Yesterday was beautiful – blue bird skies, warm temperatures – it made for the perfect day to go outside and enjoy the weather. Like many Torontonians my bf decided to take advantage of the nice weather and headed out for a road ride.In Toronto the bi-law  states that sidewalks are for pedestrian use only. With […]

Transportation Planning Workshop

Friday I had the opportunity to attend a seminar put together by the OTC (Ontario Traffic Conference) on Transportation Planning. The day covered various southern Ontario initiatives from bicycle routes, to public transit, to planning for long-term projects. Here is a summary on the presentations I enjoyed: Transit City: Planning for Light Rail in Toronto […]

Active Transportation

 What is active transportation? Have you ever thought I’m going to combine how I get to work with my exercise for the day? Did you walk, run, or ride your bike to work? Those are all forms of active transportation. Active transportation is any form of human-powered transportation. The most popular are riding your bike […]

From Planning to Action

I recently opened up my notes from the TAC Conference back in September and was inspired. Too often do we attend something and never again reflect upon it. While organizing my desk the other day I found my notes and decided to spend a few minutes with them. The notes I was re-reading were from […]

Don't Give up on Your Bike Yet

The arctic air currents have shifted once again, they have moved down  and are blowing across Canada.  With these  currents  they bring a cold, crisp bite to the air and the smell of winter.  But it is not time to give up on your bike yet! Plan to ride until the streets are snow covered. […]