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June 2019
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Archive for 'Election'

It’s Still Up for Debate

I’ll admit it, I’m a giant nerd. Last night I actually recorded and then watched the Ontario provincial debates with intent! While doing a bit of yoga I watched the McGuinty, Horwath and Hudak square off against each other. But all I could think was.. Who actually won the debate? Unfortunately politics, at least what […]

Gridlock as an Election Issue?

The Globe and Mail published an article on making gridlock /congestion /traffic a federal election issue through the use of social media, using #CutMyCommute. Burdened by long drives from home-to-work, home-to-shop, home-to-wherever, commuters believe they should be heard, and they have the support of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Gridlock isn’t the issue. The issue […]

Is it Time for a Political Evolution?

With the upcoming municipal elections I’ve been thinking a lot about the governance that affects me. Well I guess really thinking about how little affect I have or my elected officials really have on change. The other day I was thinking about how the system could be better, at the municipal, provincial and federal level. […]

A Historic Day

Today marks the inauguration of President Elect Barack Obama. Today also marks a day of change. With the recession trudging on, the world will be searching for change. Here are some of my predictions with respect to sustainable development, the environment and healthy living Tax Cuts: for people who are using active transportation, public transportation, […]

The Election and The Environment

The media has built up the 2008 US Election to be the most ‘historical election.’ That doesn’t really get me excited because I’m almost certain that the next one will also be the most historic. However, when it comes to the environment this is our most historic US election. Today will decide if America moves […]

6 Days until we vote

Next Tuesday marks an important day for Canadians, it’s time once again to vote in a Federal Election. Unlike the US, our government has the power to dissolve government if they feel it is the best interest of the country. Stephen Harper thought it would be best to have a majority government and is asking […]

The Great Debate

Last night was the first and only debate between Govenor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden. Palin in her folky, ‘main street’ fashion addressed America with perfect rehersal. She started out so nervous, eased up a bit upon speaking about education, and then tensed up again when giving her closing remarks. Her night had been […]