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June 2019
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Archive for 'food'

Responsible Snacking

This summer I had an awesome time participating in the triathlon and duathlon series with MultiSport Canada, The Recharge with Milk Triathlon Series. I wrote an article for them on Responsible Snacking and it was published in their October Newsletter (you have to scroll down to see my article). Here’s what I wrote: Hi everyone, […]

The Ultimate Diet

What is the ultimate, optimal diet? Paleo? Vegan? Vegetarian? Meat-etarian? Ok the meat-atarian one is a bit of a joke, but these days there are lots of ‘dieting’ options out there. But trying to decide which one is right for you can be difficult. I go by the ‘Sasha Diet,’ it is sustainable, affordable   […]

Good Things are Brewing In Halifax

This past weekend I flew out to Halifax for a track race. The race went pretty well, but I was so impressed with their city composting program. Not only does Halifax have residential collection for compost but they also have a space for it in their citywide recycling bins for composting (check out the organics […]

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Lunch

I’m a fan of packing my lunch. You get to pick what you want. You can have a light lunch. You can eat outside, in your office, in the car. You can choose to have desert before you eat the healthier stuff. But sometimes it’s nice to celebrate with friends and go out for lunch. […]

Curbing Junk Food Ingestion: Tax It

Think about the last time you went grocery shopping. Where did you spend most of your time? In the aisles? Or along the perimeter? The fresh stuff, the produce, seafood, meat and dairy cases line the outside of the store, while the prepackaged stuff crowds the middle. That pre-packaged, read-to-eat (or almost ready-to-eat) stuff is […]

New Years Resolutions

Usually so hard to keep. People talk about being more active, being a better parent/spouse/friend. Eating better. Living Cleaner. But so often people set lofty goals, which are too hard to keep. Setting realistic, simple goals is the path to reaching those bigger, more challenging goals. Here are my green New Years Resolutions: Be less […]

Thinking about making my holidays green while I wait for the white

As I wait for the weather to turn colder and Toronto to go from a murky grey to a glistening white, I got thinking more about what I could do to ‘green’ my holidays. Thanks to @Greenopolis yesterday for posting a great list on their to 10 things you can do to be more green […]

Bringing the Brown Bag Back in Style

What affects the choices we make with our daily meals? Why is it that some of us are more inclined to pack our lunch than to buy our lunch? Last night someone really got me thinking about the things we eat and what influences our eating choices. My friend was telling me that he has […]

Fast Food Part 2

There is no question that I have neglected my blog lately and I really am sorry. I cannot believe how busy I have been. Between site visits, school work, running, ultimate, the magazine, etc … I feel like I hardly have any time these days. But in order to get through it is really important […]

Fast Food Is Nutritious

My friend Marni got me thinking the other day about how people sometimes rely on fast-food. According to Marni “Everyday eating can be simple and delicious,” and I couldn’t agree more. I often get asked when I have to put my lunch together, when I have time to keep the fridge stocked with fresh foods […]