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July 2019
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Archive for 'garbage'

Waste Diversion in Ontario

This morning I had the opportunity to attend the breakfast forum on Ontario’s Waste Diversion act hosted by the Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy and the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers. My quick summary can be found at one of my favourite engineering news websites, Renew Canada.

That Doesn't Belong in the Recycle Bin

The federal government is working towards meeting the Kyoto protocol. Under this accord, the idea is to reduce the amount of garbage that is ending up in our landfills. How do we do this? By recycling, by composting, by purchasing things in smaller packages and just by consuming less. Sort your garbage. Break out the […]

Toronto's Compost Debate

Toronto is said to be forward thinking, a model for cities of the world with regards to its composting program. But there are some mixed feelings as to whether or not the composting waste is actually being composted. The Toronto Star has reported (and more than once) that the amount of waste that the city […]

I'm only Kosher at Home

I grew up in a very liberal Jewish household where we were allowed to choose religion as we saw fit. But some of my friends were a little more conservative than I was, but only at home. Outside their own house they broke many of the food ‘laws’ of the Jewish tradition. The other day […]

Stop Dumping in Our Backyards

It is Day 26 of the garbage strike in Toronto and Week 14 of the Garbage strike in Windsor, which means that Southern Ontario stinks! In total there are now 22 temporary dump sites open in Toronto the latest suggestion being in the parking lot for the CNE grounds. Does that mean when I’m on […]