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May 2019
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It’s finally that hot, sticky weather in the southern Ontario area. And to me it’s no better time than to be on my road bike exploring the back roads, raising my heart rate, testing my limits and enjoying the breathtaking views (I think I may even like it more running, and for those of you […]

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Lunch

I’m a fan of packing my lunch. You get to pick what you want. You can have a light lunch. You can eat outside, in your office, in the car. You can choose to have desert before you eat the healthier stuff. But sometimes it’s nice to celebrate with friends and go out for lunch. […]

Pedestrian Perils: An Unfortunate January in Toronto

Yesterday I almost became one of Toronto’s next pedestrian victim’s. At the intersection I was crossing there was an advanced green for the oncoming traffic. I waited until the advanced green ended, looked to see the walk signal, looked to see if there were any more cars coming and then proceeded forward. I looked down […]

What's To Come

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus since the seasonal holidays and then getting pretty sick (get your wisdom teeth out before they make you sick!). Lots has been happening in and around the engineering, sustainable development and renewable energy front. My plan this week is to take a look at the things that […]

A Good Old Fashioned Walk to School

Last night while watching the news I was drawn in by a story about the Burlington Elementary school district. It was a walk to school program, encouraging parents and children to walk to school instead of driving. Like many of the surrounding suburbs of Toronto, Burlington has larger homes on bigger properties and streets that […]

Sidewalk Etiquette

I spend a lot of time on the sidewalk; going to and from work, going to my neighbourhood shops, going shopping downtown, and running. Overall I don’t think there is much sidewalk etiquette out there, it seems to be very ‘every man for himself.’ I got to thinking about this last night as I walked […]

Dissected To No Where

What is the best way to learn a city? Go for a run. When I used to move or travel to new cities to get to know the city I would throw on my shoes, some tunes and head out the door. With no set schedule I would run for as long I wanted to […]

The Death and Life of Great American Cities

I wrote a book review for a class I’m taking and decided to post it on my blog as well (you can find it here). The book was amazing. Jane Jacobs helped to shape Toronto to who it is today – full of character, full of life, and full of interesting people and places. Her […]


Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the joint OTC/ITEconference on urban streetscaping. Most of the speakers were from the City of Toronto but the first presentation, one of the better ones, was from the City of Markham. The best presentation of the day was by Phil Weber of Ourston Roundabouts. What is Streetscaping? Streetscaping […]

The Countdown is On

I was recently part of a discussion about the countdown signals at intersections. Designed for pedestrian’s they count down the seconds for one to cross the street. Some intersections  are based purely on a countdown clock (i.e they start a fixed time and countdown to zero), some are based on sensors in the road (i.e […]