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May 2019
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Archive for 'technology'

The Future of Nuclear Power

With the recent earthquakes and tsunamis and subsequent nuclear disaster in Japan, nuclear reactors across the world have been called into question. Are they built to today’s codes? Could they with stand a hurricane? An earthquake? A tsunami? Can they with stand the effects of climate change and extreme weather events? Much has been written […]

A snapshot of my blog what an awesome tool. Thanks to my bf for showing me this. It takes a group of words or a url and creates a canvas of words. It’s a great summary of my blog to date.

20 Minutes Max!

On Monday the TTC announced it was increasing service across the routes. Their goal is to have a maximum waiting time on routes of 30 minutes or less, following the subway hours of operations. The goal is to reduce this to 20 minutes over the next five years. This is an attempt by the TTC […]

Finding Value

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Canadian Value Engineering Conference. Value Engineering? Value Engineering (VE)  is much like a design vignette. A group of individuals including engineers, technicians, planners, etc get together and brainstorm solutions to a given construction opportunity. That might be a new subway, a GO expansion, a highway rehabilitation, […]

Technology, Society and the Enivornment

Although I was nervous this morning, I survived my first day of class … new program, new building and an old friend. My first class, titled above, is taught by Professor W.H. Vanderburg. His passion’s lie in the study of technology, society, biosphere interactions and its application to the development of preventive approaches for the […]