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May 2019
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You Only Get One Vote…Use it Wisely

On October 25th all of Ontario goes to vote their municipal leaders. Here in Toronto the race for mayor seems to be cooling down. While candidates continue to campaign, Rob Ford seems to be storming ahead with the lead. What? Rob Ford? The man who has insulted at least half of the city’s population; he […]

Toronto Transit: Vision 2030

Thanks to my bf I was directed to the ‘ultimate’ TTC Map on Dreamed up by Dieter Janssen, an architecture professor at the University of Toronto this map adds new lines, extends existing ones and tries to capture the GTA audience. Below vs. Above Ground Streetcar or Subway? Economically it just doesn’t make sense […]

Yield to the Bus

I am all for public transit, it usually moves people more efficiently than in individual automobiles, it helps to reduce pollution and it helps move people who may not be able to afford to have their own personal vehicle. But what I am not in favour of is aggressive bus drivers that do forget that […]

20 Minutes Max!

On Monday the TTC announced it was increasing service across the routes. Their goal is to have a maximum waiting time on routes of 30 minutes or less, following the subway hours of operations. The goal is to reduce this to 20 minutes over the next five years. This is an attempt by the TTC […]

Improve Our Transit

Transit City. Metrolinx. Promised money from Government. All of this is supposed to help the ailing TTC system. But aren’t there a few things we can do in the short-term that are inexpensive and would improve the system. Here are some of my suggestions: Paying with Plastic: We live in a plastic society. Rarely do […]

TTC Safety

When I took my new job in the spring one of my goals was to use my car less frequently and travel by ‘green’ means, whether that was by public transportation, carpooling, biking, etc. Lately  it has become more challenging with the weather, but more importantly because I’m beginning to fear my own personal safety. […]

The End of the Adult TTC Ticket

As of September 29th adult tickets were no longer valid on the TTC, one must now either pay the cash fair of $2.75  or purchase tokens in quantities of 4, 5, 8  or 10 for $2.25 (it depends if you buy them from a machine or a vender). The TTC decided to abolish tickets because […]

TTC’s New Initiatives

Yesterday was Labour Day, marking for some the end of summer and here in Toronto the end of the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). Each year the CNE is filled with rides, games, children, hotdogs, donuts, and the Toronto Transit Commissions (TTC) plans for the coming year. A New Interior This year wasn’t quite as exciting […]