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May 2019
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2011 US GHG Inventory Report

Someone sent me a link to the US GHG Inventory report for 2011. Here are a couple of highlights from my favourite chapter, Trends in Greenhouse Gas Emissions: “a year with increased consumption of goods and services, low fuel prices, severe summer and winter weather conditions, nuclear plant closures, and lower precipitation feeding hydroelectric dams, […]

How far are you willing to go?

I’m a news junkie, I just cannot get enough of it. Recently I was reading an article on Vanessa Farquharson’s new book Sleeping Naked is Green. It is Vanessa’s story of her commitment to doing one ‘green’ act every day for a year. The book got rave reviews (and I’m going to go get one […]

Reducing Waste in Our Hospitals

Recently I was visiting someone in the hospital and it caught me by surprise just how much waste a hospital produces each day. Don’t get me wrong patient health and safety is paramount but I was curious if there were steps being taken to reduce the amount of waste created. From the bandages, to the […]

Strategy Institute's Conference on The Future of Canada's Infrastructure

Over the next two days I’ll be at the Holiday Inn Select by the Toronto International Airport. I’m hear to learn what the future holds for Canada’s Infrastructure from learning about what the experts have to say about sustainable communities, public-private partnerships through a wide variety of case studies. I’ll be tweeting throughout the two […]

Winter Driving

Winter is officially here. I may have already gone skiing and snowshoeing  a few times, but this weekend was the first winter storm I’ve driven through. I say winter storm because it really was not snowing that hard, if at all, but the wind was blowing like crazy and some of the stretches with bare […]

Trucking Enforcement Update

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the trucking industry on how it is time for reform. This morning this was posted. Although it is a start I still echo that the change needs to come from the companies and not through enforcement of the trucks. The new initiatives … commercial vehicle operators […]