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July 2019
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Tag: active transportation

Toronto's Clean Air Commute Week 2009

That is the slogan for the 2009 Pollution Probe Clean Air Commute Week; contribute nothing to pollution. It is an attempt to get individuals to re-think how they travel to work everyday. Instead of driving, carpool, drive a hybrid, bike, walk, take transit or telecommute. I started my week off by riding my bike to […]

Safety Tips for Riding in the City

To Ride Around the City or To Not Ride around the City? Sure saving the environment is extremely important but above and beyond that your personal safety is at the top of the hierarchy. Is it possible to ride through a city safely? Thanks to green LA girl for pointing me to this article at […]

Are we defined by Neighbourhoods?

When people asked where I grew up the answer was always North Toronto. But depending on whom you ask you get different answers. The other day the Toronto Star published their version of the Toronto Neighbourhoods. Really all it is telling us is how to further divide ourselves culturally – I actually  grew up in […]

Active Transportation vs Obesity

While scanning my news reader this morning I happened upon this article on The City Fix. Get Fit For the New Year?   Consider Riding Your Bike To Work discussed the inverse relationship between those countries that utilize active transportation and obesity rates. Not surprising that European cities tended to have lower obesity rates and […]

Active Transportation

 What is active transportation? Have you ever thought I’m going to combine how I get to work with my exercise for the day? Did you walk, run, or ride your bike to work? Those are all forms of active transportation. Active transportation is any form of human-powered transportation. The most popular are riding your bike […]

From Planning to Action

I recently opened up my notes from the TAC Conference back in September and was inspired. Too often do we attend something and never again reflect upon it. While organizing my desk the other day I found my notes and decided to spend a few minutes with them. The notes I was re-reading were from […]