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August 2019
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Tag: Climate Change

U of T’s Sustainability Symposium

On Wednesday this past week I headed to the University of Toronto’s Sustainability Symposium. The three presenters set the stage for the following days, collaborative workshop (unfortunately I had to work on Thursday!). The three speakers all spoke on the topic of sustainability, where we’ve come from and where we are. Bob Willard – The […]

Climate Change, Like the Weather, is Unpredictable

Is it going to rain today? You can usually look outside and tell if it might rain. There is something about the air, it’s heavy, it’s moist, it almost feels electric. But will it rain tomorrow? The next day? How about a week from now? Isn’t that how you build a case? You load it […]

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I’m heading up to Ottawa this weekend for a track and field meet. Turns out I’m going to fly, which from a sustainable, triple bottom line perspective is the most viable. I was hoping that taking the train would have been best option, the idea of driving, alone, up to Ottawa before the meet just […]

Human-Induced Climate Change

Ok, I’ll admit it I’m a nerd. Last week I was bored at a work course and bought a copy of Scientific American to keep me entertained. They had a mini-bite on human-induced climate change and questioning its effects on more extreme weather events. Flooding. Tornadoes. Hurricanes. etc. From the Climatic Science Email Scandal to […]

2011 US GHG Inventory Report

Someone sent me a link to the US GHG Inventory report for 2011. Here are a couple of highlights from my favourite chapter, Trends in Greenhouse Gas Emissions: “a year with increased consumption of goods and services, low fuel prices, severe summer and winter weather conditions, nuclear plant closures, and lower precipitation feeding hydroelectric dams, […]

Competing Towards a Sustainable Furture

Last week I had the opportunity to attend The International Economic Forum of the Americas – The Toronto Forum for Global Cities. It was a two day conference highlighting the success and failures of the North, Central and South American Countries. The theme was supposed to be about energy, infrastructure and financial sustainability, but seemed […]

Ideas for Municipalities to Address Climate Change

Climate change isn’t a new topic. It probably doesn’t even make the top ten on the news anymore. But it still demands attention. Last night I attended a presentation on Local Governments Efforts to Address Climate Change: Progress and Problems. The speaker, Scott Pasternack spoke passionately about Toronto and New York City, two cities he […]

Green Beer: Eco-Friendly meets St Paddy's Day

On March 17th Blue Mountain Resort is hosting it’s Keep Winter Cool Campaign. Keep Winter Cool aims to raise awareness about the potential effects of climate change and encourage skiers and snowboarders to start taking steps to reduce their own environmental impact. I’ll be there with the My Sustainable Canada team hopefully enjoying another epic […]

Does Having Kids Increase Your Environmental Footprint?

While watching television last night this MACLEANS title flashed across my screen The Case Against Having Kids: They can hurt your career, your marriage, your social life, your bank book. Why bother? And it shocked me … really is that what people think, how naïve. Mind you I come from a family where my mother […]

The Future of Canada's Infrastructure is in Good Hands

Thanks to RenewCanada I had the unique opportunity to attend the Strategy Institute’s conference on The Future of Canada’s Infrastructure. The two days started with a keynote address from the Assistant Chief planner of the Directorate for the Built Environment of the Scottish Government and the remainder was filled with presentations about the current practices […]