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July 2019
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Tag: Climate Change

Toronto's Farmers' Markets

Ontario with its cold winters and (usually) hot summers creates a unique environment growing some of the most delicious fruits and vegetables. And as our community awareness about global warming, climate change, etc increases so does the demand for the local farmers markets. The Toronto Farmers market network is an attempt to combat climate […]

Happy Earth Day

A day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. Shouldn’t everyday be Earth day? It is a day to remind us that we abuse its environment and we should have more respect for it. We’re on a slow learning curve but we’re getting there. The History of Earth Day Earth day began […]

Protecting Tomorrow: Pollution Probe is a Leader in the war on Climate Change

Ever heard of Pollution Probe? It is a non-profit environmental group which is presently focusing on clean air and water, climate change, energy conservation, mercury mitigation, children’s health and transportation. Through policy change, research and public education the goal is to achieve positive and tangible environmental change. What do they do? Remember the ecoAuto program? […]

New Years Resolutions

It may be January 14th but it is definitely not too late to make some New Years Resolutions. Along with some of the traditional ones, I came across a great list of ‘green’ ones a blog called The Green Life. Their goal is to promote ideas for living well and doing good. Their list includes […]

One Million Acts of Green

Lately one of my favourite shows to watch is The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos. It is entertaining, informative, makes me laugh and a great way to close my day. More recently on the show he has been promoting One Million Acts of Green; your way to make a difference to the environment. The simplest way […]

Technology, Society and The Environment: Week #2

The buzz on campus is still very fresh, students are still excited to be there, still going to class and no one is panicing, yet … mid-terms are not for another couple of weeks. Dr. Vanderburg promptly arrived in class this week and got right into the thick of things. Our class size was about […]

Green Building Festival: Day 2

Today was an exhibition and breakout sessions. Exhibitors ranged from dual-flush toilets, to Green Roof solutions, to the Ministry of the Environment and many educational institutions. The two sessions that I attended were excellent. The first was a roundtable discussion on Campus Sustainability Planning with a panel from the University of Toronto, York University and […]

Welcome to the future. Welcome to the Green Party.

After a busy evening last night, I decided to watch some news to unwind, instead I got more worked up. CBC National News announced last night that Green Party Leader Elizabeth May would be left out of the coming televised debates After writing last night that finding sustainable solutions is about bringing together different areas […]